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How to deal with the momentary loss of creativity?

Forcing your brain is clearly not the solution. But what is it?


You have a new assignment. You go and surf Pinterest searching for references. That’s ok, but then you go to the artboard and suddenly BLANK. You go to Pinterest again. Maybe copy some references. And again BLANK. Crisis. Crisis. BLANK. You’re just stuck up there and don’t know what to do.

Well STOP. We ́ve all been there. Forcing your brain is clearly not the solution. But what is it? When facing creativity - in every design activity - it is common to try to be as rational as we could, thinking and thinking to try to find the solution. The thing is that even though we try to use our brain as hard as we could, the answers won't come from that area. It is in the absence and the void that we can address the problem. Recently I've wrote a definition of what it means - for me - creativity. Here it goes:

“Creativity lies down in the void and the chaos of the mind, the absence and the presence of thought, the inner and outer self. Everyone is perfectly capable of being creative, because creativity is mind and soul together. Whether you are an artist, a scientist, a musician, a chef, an economist. You are creative. Creativity is evolution and is humanity itself. You just have to find it.”

I definitely believe that when some kind of issue is presented, if we cannot come with the idea or the solution quickly, it's better to let it go for a while and come back fresh. The stagnation of energy and thoughts do not open space to feel, fly and wander. Is actually in that frequency of sensations that we create the most. We free ourselves from our mental restrictions and have the opportunity to create without boundaries.

So, how can we deal with it? Austrine - Post imageWe don ́t. We drift it apart and let it sink while doing something else. Distractions in this case work better as 100% focus. Let the energy flow. As Austin Kleon once wrote:

"Creative people need time to sit around and do nothing"

- Austin Kleon

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