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Audiobranding — How to make your brand memorable

How to make your brand memorable

Audiobranding is more than just catchy sounds. Brands or companies use it to express their identity. They can vary from sounds, melodies, musical logos, a voice, or a specific song. No, it doesn't have to be an entire hit, even some sounds or chords can be perfectly associated with a brand.

Brands want to be present in all kinds of content because sound plays a crucial role: creates atmosphere, captures attention, and generates sensations. Whether in an ad, video, or podcast format. We hear these 3-5 second clips all the time. Picture the Netflix loading screen. Did you hear the two drum beats and swelling sound that pairs with the N animation for Netflix? The point is — whether you like the brand or not, its sound identity sticks with you. It seemed simple, right? Be careful. Audio branding is on fire.

Some of the Benefits of audio branding:

  • More attention to your services and a stronger emotional bond with your audience
  • Increase trust in your brand and boost brand loyalty
  • Create a different way to magnify your company values, voice, and character
  • Differentiate from the crowd standing out from your competitors
  • Remain longer in the sight of your audience
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