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2023 Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Design Trends of 2023. This time, only our favorites.

As an agency, we always recommend adopting your own style. Following trends, as tempting as they may be, often makes you lose your own identity. Buuut, on the other hand, graphic design is constantly evolving and adapting to new times. It is important to stay informed and rethink your creative processes to offer the best service.

So, here they are: Graphic Design Trends of 2023.
This time, only our favorites.

Clean Layouts

Our personal fav: simple and minimal. Designs with a clean layout aesthetic are characterized by the use of flat designs, a focus on typography, and the use of negative (white) space. Clean layouts are a great way to create designs that are simple, elegant, and easy to understand.

Image 2023 Graphic Design Trends

AI Design

AI is going to be mostly about optimization and speed. Designers working with AI can create designs faster and more cheaply due to the increased speed and efficiency it offers. Sounds a bit scary, but Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the design process. In the creative world, it’s helping creative artists create written, visual, and audio content more easily. Recently Brett Schickler, a normal Rochester salesman, made, with ChatGPT, an AI tool released by the company Open AI, an AI-written e-book on Amazon.

Image AI Design

Abstract 3D

Abstract 3D is a design trend that is focused on creating three-dimensional abstract designs that also experiment with the organic aspects of nature. This year designers will be using 3D elements, animations or virtual reality to create designs that are attractive and engaging.

Image Abstract 3D


Risograph printing originated in Japan in 1946, and is defined by vivid colors, a limited palette, and charming imperfections. Typically, it requires a special printer that layers one translucent color at a time. In 2023 we will be seeing more designers incorporating risograph effects into their work, whether it's printed or digital.

Image Risoprint

Brutal Grunge

Looooots of texture. Grunge is back, but with a modern twist. Rough, textured designs with a raw, unpolished feel that incorporates elements of punk and underground culture. Designs with a brutal grunge aesthetic are often rough, textured, and have a DIY feel.

Image Brutal grunge

Well, those were our picks.
Explore, have fun, and choose the resources that fit your identity.

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