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Branding & Web design




Paris, France

Branding & Web design

Paris, France
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Wedocom is an internal communication consulting agency based in Paris, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and London.



Wedocom had the need to renew it’s image to transmit the power of the services they offer, facing their new perspective: an international expansion of their business. 


In the first place, the main objective was to develop the company’s corporate identity, aligned with the brand values and essence. Then, once ready, develop an optimized, dynamic and modern website to present the business internationally and attract new customers. Ultimately, create & build presence on social networks to position the brand and lead traffic to the new website.


After several weeks of working together, our design team was able to create a strong and distinguished brand image that highlighted their values, using Figma & Illustrator. To create the website, the chosen technology was Squarespace and we went even further with the help of HTML / CSS / JS in order to develop an accurate & creative design with specific features requested by the client.


Squarespace, Figma, Illustrator, HTML/CSS/JS

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