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Dava is a development and data integration software. They propose customs development for connecting software between us and use better & powerful data.


October 2022 — December 2022


Naming, Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development.


Art Director, Graphic Designer & Web Developer.

Sum up of the project

This time, the client needed a name. We started with a naming process, to get to know the project. Once the name was chosen, we began to build the graphic universe of the brand, we designed the website and then we integrated the design into the platform. We choose webflow. One of our favorite tools to create optimized websites for marketing and SEO, with fast and scalable hosting and advanced security. The result: a responsive, dynamic, and LOW-CARBON website to present them internationally, attract new customers and stand out from the competition.

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Austrine nous a livré en un temps record une charte graphique très à l'écoute de l'image que nous voulions donner de Dava et très adapté aux tendances actuelles. L'équipe est réactive, très professionnelle et très sympa !

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Caroline Courtel

Founder & CEO — Dava

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