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RL Tech

Creating a high visual & much modern brand identity aligned to business objectives while developing a minimal & dynamic website.


January — April 2022


Branding, Web Design & Webflow Development


Project Manager, Graphic Designer & Webflow Developer.

Sum up of the project

The company's owners had created their own brand identity many years ago. Already obsolete, in a world in constant evolution and even more being a technology company, they needed a complete re-branding that identified them in this new stage with new business objectives. As a result, we developed a much more modern and minimalist visual identity, breaking with all the old guidelines. Finally, we designed the mockups of their new LOW-CARBON website and integrated them into Webflow.

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The Austrine team did an excellent job with our website and visual identity, they walked us the whole process from start to finish and helped us define the concept. The outcome exceeds our expectations. A great job, we highly recommend! it ;)

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Renzo Pinedo

Global Marketing Director — RL TECH

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