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Web design & Development


Place & Co.


Sydney, Australia

Web design & Development

Sydney, Australia
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Place & Co is a Sydney based agency with more than 10 years of expertise helping large organisations in ANZ.



Place & Co. delivers uniques internal digital workplaces for large organisations, combining the best collaborative SaaS platforms with deep business transformation expertise. After some years of using a basic website built by their own, it was time to give one more step.


The goal was clear. Improve the actual website in all aspects: design, content, good images, and build this new site using the latest technologies in the market. We had a short time to deliver the project so we needed to be quick & efficient at the same time.


And of course we did it! After one month, our client was launching its new website. First, we draw the structure of every page. Once validated, we went further in terms of design and gathered all the necessary information to fill each section. The platform chosen was Squarespace, a modern solution which allowed us to developed a product 100% aligned to the needs of the client.


Squarespace, Figma, Illustrator, HTML/CSS/JS

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